Rohmar Irenea

Industrial Mechanic/ Mechanical Technician

Phone: 6309567122018

Sector: Maintenance and Equipment Operation Trades

Member Since, April 26, 2021

About Me

  • Educational Level Bachelor’s Degree
  • Academic Major Computer Science
  • Skills or Expertise Laser Alignment ,Repairs and Maintenance

About me


Inspect, maintain and repair industrial equipement to ensure they are always in proper worker order.
Maintain,fabricate and repair all storage like acid tank,amonia tank,bunker tank and silos.
Install and dismantle machinery and equipement such compressor, pump,gearbox, rotary valve,conveyor system,pneumatic and hydraulic component.
Readingblueprint and schematic drawing before installing machinery and equipments
Laser alignment of drive system motor to pump,motor to gearbox using alingment tools.(Easy Laser)
Replacing of mechanical seal,oil seal,packing,bearing,plummerblock,drivechain,coupling,drive sprocket,gasket,v-belt ,head,tail,bend and counterweight pulleys and flange.
Servicing and replace oil filter,oil separator,air filter,air cooler of compressor.(Atlas copco,Jucai,compair,sanyo).
Include lubrication of industrial equipement and machinery.
Troubleshooting malfunction equipment and machinery.
Control downtime by informing preventive maintenance routine techniques.
Maintain safe and clean working invironment by complying safety rules , procedure and regulation.
Care for machinery and equipement by cleaning after use.



































Troubleshooting malfunction machine and Equipement.
• Install and assemble of roller press , isntallation of die and remove metal from die.
• Read blueprint and schematic drawing before installation of machine and Equipement.
• Install and dismantle equipement and machine,Electric Motor,Hammel Mill, Pellet Mill,RollerMill ,gearbox,DragchainConveyor,Bucket Elevator and.different kinds of conveying system.
• Dismantle and install bearing,plummerblock couplings,chain,valve,flange,pumps,cylinders.
• Troubleshooting and repair robotic Equipement.
• Include welding and cutting of different plates and angle bars.stainless and carbonsteel.
• Fabricate spares if necessary.
• Laser alignment of drive system using alignment tools.(Easy Laser)
• Following safety procedures.
• Include lubrication of pumps and plummerblocks.SKF and FAG