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  • Educational Level Bachelor’s Degree
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About me

Good day!


I am writing to express my interest in the position of Nanny / Caregiver (Child Care) for your family.  I am Gladys Dagum, 35 y/o, Seventh-day Adventist and married with 2 children. I am a licensed caregiver in the Philippines and currently working here in Cyprus as a Live-in Nanny for a Cypriot family of 4. I am taking care of their 2 children (boy and girl) aged 10 y/o and 5 y/o. Furthermore, I have a band 6 for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and a four years Bachelor’s degree Canadian Equivalency for Educational credential assessment (ECA).


Patience is my greatest virtue. I have the benefit of this virtue as most parents are usually very conscious when it comes to their children. I personally handled and brought up my children since birth and currently looking after my employer’s children, that is why I am aware of the needs of infants and toddlers. Keeping children happy and safe is my number one priority. I keep them under a watchful eye and always make certain they avoid dangerous situations.


I am honest, trustworthy and hardworking. Also a reliable and flexible person. I can work productively with less supervision..I have the passion for cooking. I know how to cook Filipino dishes, Western, Cypriot traditional dishes and a bit of Chinese dishes. I am willing to learn other dishes if needed. And also, I can copy and follow recipes from the internet. I do household chores everyday, knowledgeable with sewing and I do gardening. Moreover, I am an experienced driver as well.


I am well versed with the demands of this job and I am sure of my ability to work well in the role of a Nanny/ caregiver for your  family.


My enclosed resume and references will prove my credibility and I am hoping I will be able to discuss this position in more detail.


Thank you very much for your consideration.





Gladys U. Dagum