Epa Kankanamalage Gayathri Thamali Epa

Nursing Officer / Caregiver

Phone: 940775156985

Sector: Health Occupations

Member Since, January 11, 2021

About Me

  • Educational Level Certificate
  • Academic Major Nursing Certificate
  • Skills or Expertise Nursing / Caregiver

About me

I’m Gayathri Epa, Married, 33 Years. Have two daughters. Elder one 6 years and younger one 4 years. presently live in Sri Lanka.

I have been working for a decade in the healthcare industry for more than 9 Years and take my responsibility seriously. I regard my clients as a mixture of friends-family and care for them as I would like to be treated if I were in their position. Rather than performing the duties mechanically, I involve my clients, communicate frequently and compassionately, and take on the role of their surrogate family. I also excel in planning creative activities customized to resident needs and physical/mental abilities. It can be challenging at times, but I truly enjoy working with the healthcare industry.