Adrianne Gaylord Salamat

Senior Planner

Phone: 658722 2526

Sector: Industrial, Electrical & Construction Trades

Member Since, January 4, 2021

About Me

  • Educational Level Bachelor’s Degree
  • Academic Major Mechanical Enginerring
  • Skills or Expertise Planning

About me

I have over 18 years of experience in Project Controls for complex/large-scale projects, from inception to the completion stages of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning, particularly in Asia, Australia  and the Middle East.

I am experienced in Engineering, Contract Management, Procurement Management, Estimating, Construction, Planning and Scheduling in both office and field environment. Below is the summary of my roles and responsibilities:

  • Develop and integrates of all the activities pertaining to the Project Management in the areas of Planning and Scheduling monitoring
  • Review and analyze the man-hours reports, engineering section production/productivity, construction production/productivity and support in preparation and issue of the Project Monthly/Weekly Reports
  • Responsible for planning and monitoring of weekly/monthly progress and productivity of the engineering/construction activities
  • Responsible for the weekly/monthly issue of the Critical Path Schedule(CPM), Overall Master Schedule and Status of Engineering, Purchase Order, Sub-Contract Award, Construction and Commissioning Progress
  • Creating and implements planning procedures, measurement systems, analyses performance metric results, and identifies improvements
  • Conduct Interactive Planning with Team (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Team) prior to start on Planning Development, WBS structuring, Constructability
  • Develop Work Breakdown Structure to ensure that the Program is in accordance to the Scope of Work requirement and aligned with proper Leveling
  • Evaluate Technical proposals of Bidders to ensure compliance with the Tender requirements particular in schedule analysis, resource histograms, progress measurement, methodologies.